Poker Skill Development for your Visual Learner

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Here is the third of your four-part series on "Using Your own Learning Style to build up Zynga poker Skills".

When doing any learning process it is crucial that the approach to learning that you simply participate in gets the most beneficial opportunity to achieve success. Including any learning situation including teaching yourself to play Texas Holdem poker or you are an experienced player, how you can improve you current level of skill. To be able to have the best chance for success, you need to use the appropriate resources and learning techniques that best reflect your natural way of learning. Visual Learners acquire sensory information through seeing and viewing. They process, consolidate after which recall these details by visualization.

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Have you been a Visual Learner? Have a look at these statements. When they manage to reflect your physical appearance at things then perhaps you're a Visual Learner.

 At the poker table you look in the whole picture, you do not mind a seat with the end on the table because you can observe precisely what is happening.
 When you or other players are discussing help, you form mental images of what's being said.
 You read your opponents by watching themselves language, facial expressions or any other physical tells.
 You have no problem correctly identifying images that are presented the other way up or backward.
 When there is a new purchase that needs assembly you stick to the written instructions. It's better yet whether it has diagrams.
 You choose to contact others using e-mail or texting. The device doesn't do it to suit your needs. You love your personal computer.
 Lectures are terribly boring and also you can't wait to get out of there.
 You remember things better when you are able visualize them in your head.
 You utilize a map to get from Point A to point out B.
 When you are giving other folks directions you draw them a map.
 When you might be presenting information to other people, you'd rather write instructions and use pictures or diagrams.
 In conversation, you employ phrases like everything you mean or looks good to me.
 When recalling information, thinking or problem-solving, you visualize your ideas and doodle in some recoverable format.
 When carrying out work throughout the house you visualize the task being completed, that energizes you.
 You like your desk or work space being tidy and clear of clutter.

This is not a scientific analysis according to numerous years of research, however if you just like the appearance of these statements and will visualize yourself during these situations, maybe you are a visible Learner.

Just what exactly works best for you?

 Your medium for learning is visual, so use visual learning materials whenever possible and record your observations using visual recording methods and tools.
 Learn to visualise information before your input it in hard copy.
 Reading can be a key activity for you to add to your expertise. Take note of blueprint as you go along. Use post it notes then stick them on places where one can read them whenever you want.
 After reading an appealing or important passage, stop and reflect that which you read by creating creation in your thoughts. Transfer your ideas to paper as charts, graphs, diagrams or webs. Review your information following a short time then periodically to create those neuron pathways and transfer the educational from short-term to long-term memory.
 Put information on index cards or flash cards to be able to examine them periodically.
 Instructional videos are also a useful source of information for you. Again, while watching stop occasionally and transfer the data with a hard copy. Color-code your notes into categories or by importance by using colored pens or highlighters.
 You will continue to work finest in a location which has limited background noise. Sound has a tendency to distract you. Head phones that filter out noise is useful for you.
 You learn best while viewing so try to watch live poker played by expert players. You will grab a lot of information. Record your observations utilizing some of the previous methods.
 You are capable of doing the identical with poker demonstration videos or from watching poker on tv. Function as the commentator only mentally visualize your observations in what happened along with what you might have done in exactly the same situation.
 Video tape yourself playing poker after which critique the method that you played.
 Use your personal computer. Find online learning resources that use videos, graphs, diagrams, charts webs, etc presenting information. Make your own diagrams, charts, etc. to record your thoughts.

Some cautions about as being a Visual Learner.

 Too much visual stimulation could be a distraction. Flashing lights, bright lights and a lot of color could affect what you can do to target, so for you personally dark glasses and a hoodie may be greater than a method for hiding tells.
 Sound can also be a distraction. You do need quiet to target so head phones that reduce noise may also be a good idea.
 Lectures on poker, trying to memorize information or hearing audio tapes will not work well for you.
 You probably already do that but keeping your chips neat and orderly to get a quick visual count will help place you comfortable.

Like a Visual Learner there are an abundance of resources open to help you. Your challenge is to apply these resources effectively. Developing your capacity to mentally visualize after which using this capability to acquire, reinforce and permanently store information is your way to fast and effective learning.

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